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Amanda The Adventurer is a horror puzzle game where you solve some puzzles. You need to watch all the VHS tapes that may be hidden in some place in the attic.

Explore the engaging storyline

Horror games always have haunting plots. This will greatly appeal to brave players. The plot revolves around a children's program from the 2000s. This show was recorded in different episodes on some VHS tapes. You will become the main character in this game named Riley who inherited his aunt's house. His aunt is Kate who left Riley a letter. In the letter, the aunt wanted to say goodbye to Riley and inform him of his inheritance of the house.

Mysterious VHS tape in the house's attic

In Aunt Kate's letter, she wants Riley to go to the attic of the house to find an old tape. She also warns that if Riley watches the tape, strange things will happen. Following his aunt's speech, he climbed into the attic and found the first tape titled "In the Kitchen". When the tape is played, two characters will appear. The first tapes seemed fun and entertaining. However, things get creepy in the later tapes. Let's find out the mysteries in the scroll and its two characters.

Gradually discover secrets through tapes

Each tape will have a different theme. Amanda's adventures can be in the supermarket, butcher shop, etc. The details in the tape will help you a lot in this game. Through Amanda's adventures, secrets are gradually revealed. Is there an evil force controlling this children's program? You will have the answer after playing Amanda The Adventurer.

The characters in the tapes of Amanda The Adventurer

In the tapes, two characters that frequently appear are Amanda and Wooly. Now let's learn about these mysterious characters.

Character Amanda

You can see a little girl with a yellow shirt and aquamarine shorts. She has purple shoes along with two round black braids on her head. This character seems lively and loves adventures. However, this little girl character will become irritable and mean in the next tapes. This character will directly communicate with you through the television screen. Sometimes, she has quite creepy actions and scary expressions. When you give her answers that don't satisfy her, the angry expression on her face becomes even scarier. With her small and harmless appearance, is Amanda being controlled by an evil force? Dangerous demons always use a harmless appearance to attack humans.

Wooly Amanda The Adventurer

Wooly is a character with the opposite personality of Amanda. He is a sheep that can talk like a human. He is quite shy and afraid of everything. In a tape, Wooly wants to reveal something secret to you but Amanda appears. Wooly was immediately scared and didn't say anything more. This sheep's hesitation makes your curiosity increase. In the last tape, the sheep has disappeared. What is the secret behind this children's show?

Amanda The Adventurer full game

There are missions in this game. Completing these tasks can help you find the other tapes in the attic. Each tape will bring different suggestions to you. Now, let's learn about all the missions and tapes in this horror game.

In the kitchen

"In the kitchen" is the name of the first episode in this series. The content of the tape is about Wooly and Amanda making apple pie together. As you are watching the tape, an oven will suddenly appear behind you. Based on the tape's suggestions, you will adjust the oven temperature and adjust the time accordingly. Then you can find the next tape which is titled "In Your Neighborhood"

In Your Neighborhood

This is a tape of Amanda and Wooly going down the street. They wanted to buy a gift for Amanda's friend. They went to the store to buy a thank you card. Then they went to the bakery and bought some cookies. Finally, they went to the post office to send the gift to Amanda's friend. Surprisingly, Amanda forgot her friend's name. She asks for your help and you need to fill in the correct name. Otherwise, Amanda won't be happy. After you have the suitable name, a small piano toy with the letters on it appears behind you. You need to remember the words of the shops in this tape. You can press on these letters of the piano toy, then you can get a new tape.


The opening scene of this tape features only Wooly. He is trying to communicate directly with you and wants to warn you about something. However, before you knew anything, Amanda appeared with an angry face. Suddenly, Wooly injured his knee. Afterward, Amanda took Wooly to the hospital. This tape ends here. And the puzzle this time is the clocks in different corners of the attic. Remember the time of each type of clock that appears in this tape. Then you need to adjust the clocks in the attic to the correct time on the tape. After that, these clocks will automatically return to a number. You need to look for the hour hand of the cabinet clock to adjust it. If you adjust on time, you'll get the next tape. You can also find the Accident tape again near the end of the game, but the content changes completely. Wooly was not injured, but Amanda insisted on taking Wooly to surgery. Amanda used a big saw to operate on Wooly. In the next tape, Wooly has disappeared. Was he killed?

Everything roots

The tape has a rather dark episode. The theme of the episode is about Amanda and Wooly's picnic. The two characters detect a rotten smell from the spoiled sandwich. Furthermore, the carcass of a fox and a dead tree were also discovered. This episode ends here. This is also the episode with the first ending for Reily. He will be attacked by monsters after watching this tape. You will still continue this game to find other endings.

What's a family?

Amanda and Wooly go to the zoo together. Occasionally, this tape is interrupted by weather reports. Every time you see the notification, you just need to pause the tape and start the toy in the back. You need to spin the toy's needle until it shows the correct weather being reported. Do this 3 times, you will again see the "Everything roots" message. The content remains the same but they will find a cat in an iron cage instead of the body of a fox.

We can share

This episode opens with a logo without Wooly appearing. Amanda will be alone and she wants to share a secret with you. If you don't want to listen, you can answer "no". Then the episode will end. If you agree to let her share the secret, she will reveal that she is out there somewhere. Then she turns into a monster and wants to escape from the TV.

Amanda The Adventurer endings

This game does not have a single ending. You have the opportunity to experience different endings. It could be a bad ending or a normal ending. If you encounter an ending, you can restart the game and search for other endings. Now let's also find out what the endings are here.

Bad endings

After watching a tape labeled Everything Roots. At this part, although your answer is yes or no to the final question, a horrifying demonic entity emerges from the attic door and chases over to Riley. This is a bad ending or you called a demon ending. Another bad ending is the butcher ending. Reily finds himself in a butcher shop from the VHS tape after he goes downstairs to the attic. He is trapped inside the tapes.

Normal ending

This is probably the ending that many people love the most. In this ending, you have the opportunity to watch all the tapes and find the final secret. At this end, Amanda shared something with you. There is no more Wooly the sheep in this last tape. In the end, Amanda became a monster and wanted to escape from the TV. However, before she could escape the TV, Reily picked up a brick and threw it at the TV. The TV was destroyed and daylight came. Is this the end of this string of horror children's shows?

Amanda The Adventurer 2

Ending Amanda The Adventure 1 with many secrets yet to be revealed. So part 2 of this game has been released. If in the first part, there were not too many horror details, many scary situations will be added in part 2. Scary creatures will appear more in good videos in the attic. Sometimes, you even see Wooly sheep appear in the attic. With the same goal as the original version of watching all the tapes, it won't take you long to discover how to play. The puzzles in this section will be more difficult. You need to spend more time thinking. So, you can try the second part after completing the endings in the first part.