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New journey in an adventure game

Pizza Tower brings you on an interesting journey as a chef. You break into a tower and want to destroy it by defeating the bosses. Be careful with some foes!

Our main character is a chef in an ordinary pizzeria. One day, a pizza-faced villain appeared. He wants to destroy the main character's pizzeria with a pizza tower. To save his pizzeria, our chef will have to destroy that giant tower. He ascends each floor of the lower building and faces many different enemies. You also can join an endless journey in Vampire Survivors.

How to break the tower in Pizza Tower

The giant tower was built right next to the main character's bakery. He couldn't destroy this tower from the outside, so he went inside it. Each floor is a level and you must pass them to complete this game.

Rescue the minifigures

You can see some poor characters imprisoned in the tower, you just need to destroy the walls that imprison them. You will have more companions after saving these little characters. This is also the task that you need to complete in this adventure game.

Destroy enemies

These enemies have extremely special shapes. They are like the ingredients in pizza. You need to gain momentum and hit enemies hard to defeat them. If they attack you, you will lose a certain number of points. When you run out of points, the game will end. Therefore, you need to be proactive in attacking. If you don't like attacking gameplay, you can avoid enemies by jumping over them.

Some features in Pizza Tower

  • Retro graphics and soundtrack brings you to the retro game in the past. However, it still has some modern features such as smooth movement.
  • The game has many levels which require your agility and intelligence. Sometimes, you need to solve a puzzle to reach the final door.
  • Simple control: Use arrow keys to move and climb ladder. Press the Z key to jump. Press the up and Z key at the same time for high jump.