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Join the thrilling adventure in this game

Ice Scream is a horror game where you have to complete many missions. The background is in the house of a strange person who has an ice cream head.

In this game you will turn into a naughty boy who will perform some mischievous actions. His target is the evil ice cream seller. He looks like an ice cream cone with an ice cream head. The setting will be the ice cream seller's house. Be careful because the ice cream seller may appear and grab you. This game allows you to experience it from a first-person perspective. This helps increase the feeling of suspense and scariness. You can also experience the first-person perspective in other games like in Five Nights at Freddy's 3.

Complete the give mission in Ice Scream game

The tasks in each level will be different. You just need to move the character carefully to the designated location to complete the mission.

Move to the destination on the map

The game will provide you with a mini-map where you can see the location of the destination and the ice cream seller. You can also see your direction. From there, you can come up with appropriate strategies. Determine the direction you want to go and go there.

Avoid encountering villains

You are just a child in this game. So, you cannot defeat the villain. Try to avoid running into him. This guy is very dangerous and you can only use some tips to attack him.

Use the supplies you have

This game provides you with some necessary items. You will use them to complete missions. For example, you can use a torch for illumination when you can't see anything around you. Take advantage of everything you have to complete the mission.