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Play uno online with friends

Uno Online is an online game inspired by interesting card games. This online card game allows you to compete with other players around the world.

This game gives you two modes to choose from. You can compete against the machine or find opponents worldwide. When you choose to compete against the machine, you will be allowed to choose the number of opponents you have to compete against. You can choose 1, 2 or 3 opponents to challenge your skills. As for online play mode, you will be able to join game rooms with other players. Additionally, you can also create a room yourself and send invitations to your friends. This is a fun game that helps friends become closer. You also can enjoy another multiplayer game which is Battle Royale. You will move and collect items in that game.

Reach 250 stars before your opponents in Uno Online

You and your opponent will play many rounds before one person reaches 250 stars. Each winning round will give the player a certain number of stars. The faster you win a round, the more stars you get.

Rules for matching cards together

You will draw cards from your deck to match them with the face-up card on the screen. You can only do this if your card has the same color or number as the face up card. If you don't have any suitable cards in your deck, you will have to draw a mystery card from the mystery card column on the screen. You will win a round as soon as you run out of cards. Don't forget to press the notification button when you only have one card left. Otherwise, the game will automatically draw you any 2 cards.

Use special cards

The different cards marked with numbers are normal cards. Besides, some special cards will be added to the deck. Some special cards can help you change the color of the card while others cause your opponent to draw additional secret cards. That being said, you need to use these special cards strategically to maximize their effects.