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A new twist in FNAF games

FNAF Shooter allows you to use weapons with high damage to attack the animatronics directly. You will become a dangerous hunter in this shooting game.

New gameplay

If in Five Nights At Freddy's 1 you could only stop the animatronics from reaching you, you can destroy them in this game. There are still familiar animatronics, but they will no longer be as scary as in the official versions. You have a gun and are ready to shoot them down. These animatronics will still attack you from many sides. So, be careful!

Eye-catching graphics

This game is designed with 3D graphics with smooth movements. You will not be disappointed when fighting in the first person perspective. This will still be a horror game with jump scares. There is no light from the rooms so you can only observe thanks to your flashlight. The flickering light of flashlights and dark spaces is a great place to practice your shooting skills.

Destroy all animatronics in FNAF Shooter

The background looks familiar as this shooting game takes you back to iconic locations from FNAF games like Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental. You will move around to search and destroy enemies.

Shoot the enemies correctly

The animatronics may appear one after another or form a wave to attack you. You need to quickly destroy them to avoid attacking you. Aim precisely at these animatronics and shoot. To survive in a dangerous place in this game, you need to manage ammunition and attack enemies to survive. One shot, one kill. Don't waste too much time and bullets on one target.

Observe enemy positions

So that you can destroy enemies more easily, you should look at the map in this game. You will see your position and direction through the blue dot. In addition, you will see the red circles are animatronics. When you grasp important positions, you can easily defeat the enemy.

Buy new guns and upgrade your power

Each level will require you to destroy a certain number of animatronics. After you pass a level, you will receive a certain amount of money. You can use it to unlock some new weapons. These weapons will have their own powerful features. You can also buy a shield for yourself to protect yourself. Don't let your HP run out if you don't want to end the game early. After completing all levels of this game, you can visit Amanda The Adventurer to discover some creepy secrets.