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Enjoy the most well-known horror game

Baldi's Basics is set up in a creepy school where you have to face some strict teachers. You need to solve some puzzles to escape from this school.

This game has quite old graphics that remind players of educational games from the 1990s. The antagonist in this game is Baldi, a teacher in the school. Even though the graphics are old, it still makes many gamers passionate. Let's find out some reasons with me.

Horror elements

You can see that the graphics in this game are not as realistic as Amanda The Adventurer. Many people also find the game's graphics in a humorous cartoon style. However, this game will have horror elements. Baldi's jump scares will make you startled. In addition, when the villain becomes aggressive and wants to chase you, you can also feel the thrill. The deserted classrooms make you think this is an abandoned school.

Variety ending and secrets

This game doesn't have just one ending. Depending on your decisions in the situations, different endings can occur. Don't forget to discover the secrets of this strange school. However, remember your main task is to collect enough notebooks and fall out of this school.

Baldi's Basics gameplay

In this game, you need to collect all 7 notebooks to escape from the villain. Once you are in school, Baldi will always keep an eye on you. Let's find out what you need to do to get out of here.

Solve math problems

Since you will be playing in an educational environment, solving math problems is inevitable. You need to give the correct answer for each of them. At first, the math problems seem quite simple. However, they will get harder and harder. You need to think quickly and correctly to be able to complete your mission. Time is limited so you can't think too long. After the math problems are solved, you can collect the notebooks.

Avoid Baldi

As mentioned before, the villain Baldi is very dangerous. At first, he seems gentle and pays no attention to you. However, he becomes more aggressive as you earn more notebooks. He won't stop chasing you. So, use strategies to avoid him or make some noise to attract him.

Game control

  • Use WASD keys to move around
  • Swipe the mouse to look around
  • Press the spacebar to interact with objects
  • Hold the shift key to run.