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The confrontation between Amanda and Boyfriend

FNF vs Amanda The Adventurer is a musical battle where this week's opponent character is Amanda. The game only has a single song but it is very complicated.

This music game is a part of the FNF series. The opponent characters change each week. You have to face many famous virtual characters in this game series. Now let's learn more about the characters in this game.

Amanda and Wooly

The two main characters in a well-known horror game appear this week. They still are in the tapes but your mission is different in this music game. Now, they don't have strange actions but they are still very dangerous. They love music and want to show off their skills through music.


This is the default character in this game. He participates in hundreds of music battles over the weeks. The antagonist in this game may change from week to week, but the main character of this game is always Boyfriend. He was brought to the world in Amanda and Wooly's tapes. He can only defeat these two characters to be able to leave here.

How to win Amanda in FNF vs Amanda The Adventurer

If you are a fan of the FNF series, you will know how to play this game. If you are new to this game series, you just spend some minutes to understand the gameplay.

Press the keyboard at the right time

Your mission is to complete each song by hitting all the notes correctly and outperforming your opponent. You will see colored arrows moving up from the bottom of the screen. As soon as the arrow approaches the target area, press the corresponding arrow on your keyboard. This game requires agility and high precision. Therefore, you will be quite confused the first few times you play.

Game control

Press the arrow keys to play this game. This is a very simple control and children also can enjoy this game. For more games with simple control, you can try Vampire Survivors.