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Experience the tense sceneries

Skibidi Toilets is a shooting game where you have to destroy 100 toilet monsters. You must move cleverly and shoot them before they surround you.

The online battles always have their own charms. In this game, the most tense battle happens. You may know two virtual characters are the cameraman and Skibidi Toilet. They're the enemies of each other. In this game, you turn into the cameraman and your target is to shoot the toilet monsters down. The difficulty of this game is your number of enemies. You have to go against 100 Toilet Skibidi by yourself. You have no teammate or support in this game.

Beat 100 enemies in Skibidi Toilets

The enemies are very crowded and they also chase right behind you. You need to know what you should do in this game.

Combination of moving and shooting

Standing still isn't recommended in this game because you will be easily surrounded. After you are surrounded, it's hard to continue to survive. Thus, you should move continuously. From that, you can avoid the enemies' attack. While running, you also should shoot the enemies. Then, the game is easier with fewer enemies. Until you destroy 100 enemies, you will win this game.

Buy more powerful weapons

Each time you beat an enemy, you can get some money. Even if you can't kill all 100 enemies, this money is still added to your budget. Then, you can buy new powerful guns in the shop. The more expensive guns are, the more powerful they are. Therefore, you can save money to buy the best guns. Of course, you don't need to spend much time on defeating one enemy with a good gun. This shooting game reminds me of FNAF Shooter where your enemies are famous animatronics.

Game control

  • Use arrow keys or WASD to move around
  • Click the left mouse button to shoot
  • To change the weapon, you can use 12345 keys.