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The difference of Five Nights at Freddy's 3 and the other FNAF games

The haunted attraction

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 is a survival game that is set up in a haunted attraction. In any way, you have to survive in this place for five nights.

In this game, the setting isn't in the pizzeria as in FNAF 1. It's inspired by the urban legends surrounding the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza chain. The dark atmosphere reminds me of the old pizzeria. The props, decorations are moved from the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza locations to this attraction. The old furniture makes the players feel like this place has been forgotten. If you are detained here, no one will remember you anymore.

Gameplay mechanics

In this game, the power is unlimited because you don't need to close the door or turn on the light. You can continuously monitor the camera without wasting any power. Besides monitoring the animatronics' movement, you need to restart the system of the game. The systems are audio devices, ventilation systems and camera systems. Each of them has different benefits, so don't let them get errors for a long time. The audio devices can help you attract the animatronics while the ventilation systems ensure the circulated air.

Steps to stay alive until 6 am in Five Night at Freddy's 3

The animatronics in this section are a bit more aggressive than the rest because you can't use doors or flashlights. However, there will still be important steps to ensure your life safety.

Manage the Ventilation System

As I mentioned, this system can directly affect your life. This system leads air to your room. From that, you can breathe in a closed room. If this system gets an error, your character can suffocate and die. Therefore, each time the ventilation system is broken, you need to restart it immediately.

Use the audio wisely

Instead of closing the door, you will play the audio in a room to attract the animatronics. When the toy monster comes close to your room, the sound of another room can cause them to change direction. Then, you have a little time to restart the error systems.

Define the animatronics' position

You can see the enemies' movement through the camera of each room. The camera sometimes gets some errors and you need to fix it quickly. Otherwise, you can't see the animatronics' position. When you know where the monsters are, you can make some suitable strategies to survive. After you survive for five nights, you can explore some secrets in Amanda The Adventurer.