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Discover the secrets in this game

Poppy Playtime is a horror game where you have to move around a creepy toy factory. Then, you need to solve some puzzles to escape from this factory.

The horror plot

The game is set up in an abandoned toy factory which is large and terrible. All the staff of this factory disappeared 10 years ago and no one knows where they are. You turn into an investigator and your mission is to explore this toy factory. You have to face some sentient toys which can kill you anytime. They are the result of erroneous experiments in this factory. To prevent their secrets from being revealed, they will chase and attack you at all costs.

Creepy elements

This game is famous for its jumpscares and tense chase sequences. You need to keep on your toes anytime because you don't know what will appear. The huge factory with the dim lightning increases your tension. Sometimes, you are even startled by small toys that run automatically. In this game, you experience the first view. Therefore, your vision is limited. With the first view, you will have the most realistic feelings.

What you need to do in Poppy Playtime

Just like Amanda The Adventurer, this horror game is not for the faint of heart. You need to move the toy factory and collect some useful items. In some situations, you need to react quickly.

Solve the puzzles

There are many locked doors in the factory. You need to find some keys or activate some switches to open these doors. You need to observe the details around you to find the answer for some puzzles. Moreover, the puzzle can be to find some hidden objects or manipulate the environment. The puzzles are cleverly created which require your attention and are smart. The terrible events in this factory can be discovered when you can collect some items.

Stealth and Hide-and-Seek

The game is not only scary because of the atmosphere in the factory, but strange monsters will also appear. They are extremely dangerous and always hide in the dark. When they appear, you need to try to hide. Find hiding spots and hide in them. Use your wits to overcome dangerous pursuers. Survive to the end to discover the truth!

How to control

  • Use the WASD keys to move around
  • Click the left mouse to use the left hand
  • Click the right mouse to use the right hand
  • The arm can lengthen, so you need to take advantage of this ability.