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Experience a short horror game

Night Walk is an online horror game with a fairly short duration. You can finish this game in just a few minutes but it's enough to make you tremble.

Short game duration

This game does not offer many missions like in Poppy Playtime. So, you can reach the end of this game quickly. Many players only need 4 minutes to complete this game. Even though the game's duration is not long, it still attracts quite a few gamers and streamers. You can watch some video tutorials of this game.

Creepy background

You will be taken to a park with a small walkway. The scary thing is that there is no one in this park. The time was at night so the park was covered in darkness. In addition, the fog surrounding the park also creates a mystical feeling. You cannot see the end of the road due to darkness and fog. You hear the sounds of insects and your own footsteps. This makes you feel more nervous.

Night Walk endings

This game has different endings. You just need to follow the instructions to find different endings. The two main details that give rise to the endings are the baby's cradle and the pool of blood on the road. If you get close and want to see the baby, a murderer with a distorted appearance will appear. Some players will be startled by the jump scare in this game. However, if you see a pool of blood and decide to run, you will be safe. You will have the opportunity to experience all the different endings in this game. With a first-person perspective, it's like you're actually in a creepy location in this game. Don't forget to share this game with your friends to challenge their bravery.