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About the game

Backrooms brings a creepy atmosphere to players and they have to escape from rooms with tons of yellow walls. Do you know what is hidden in these rooms?

Origins of this horror game

This game is inspired by a strange phenomenon that is traced to an internet community called 4chan. Some people say that they enter a mysterious alternate - Backrooms. This place doesn't exist in real life. This place is described as an endless maze which has many empty rooms. All the rooms and walls are painted yellow with fluorescent lighting. Many people are attracted by this phenomenon. From that, many artworks, stories, and video games are inspired by the backrooms. Although this phenomenon captures many people's minds, there isn't any evidence of the backrooms' existence.

The scary atmosphere in this game

This game is well-known for its scary background which can bring feelings of unease and tension to players. Many different factors contribute to the creepy atmosphere in this game. The dim lighting creates a gloomy and unsettling ambiance. All the rooms are the same together making you feel like you're trapped in an eerie place. Moreover, to increase the horror feature of the game, the rooms and hallways are really old. The peeling wallpaper and scuffed floors remind me of a forgotten place.

The mechanics of Backrooms

In this game, you have the opportunity to show your abilities and courage. You need to explore this place to find a way out and survive against enemies.


You think that a place with only the same rooms has nothing to explore. In fact, you need to find a way out in this game. Move through different rooms and avoid going back the way you came. The difficulty is determining direction, so it's easy to get lost. Wander through the rooms and I'm sure you'll find your way out.


Sometimes, you will have to face some dangerous creatures. They will attack you if you get close to them. You won't have guns or swords to fight with. At this time, running quickly away from enemies is a great solution. In addition, you also need to pay attention to your resources such as water, food and light to survive.

This horror game reminds me of Amanda The Adventurer. They all have scary atmospheres and monsters that appear out of nowhere. If you are truly a brave person, these horror games are for you.