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The battle between zombies and plants

Plants vs Zombies is a classic battle where plants will transform into powerful heroes. They will protect the house from attacks by dangerous zombies.

This is probably a classic game loved by many players. You will use different types of plants to attack zombies. Your goal is to protect your home. If a zombie can enter the house, you will lose. Even though the villains are zombies, this game isn't too scary. Cartoon graphics will make this game more fun than Granny. Children can play this game during their breaks.

How to play Plants vs Zombies

In this game, every step is very important. You need to be very careful in choosing plants, placing plants and upgrading them. Let's learn these steps together.

Plant selection

Even though you can unlock a lot of different plants, you can't bring them all into battle. You can only choose certain plants to participate in the fight. You need to analyze what types of zombies you need to face. Then, choose the right plants to destroy them. Thus, you can win more easily.

Set up plants in the garden

Zombies will climb the wall and enter the front garden. You need to place the plants in the right locations. Sunflowers that produce sun coins and have no fighting ability should be placed next to the house. They are important because you need sun coins to buy other plants. Rocks have good endurance so they should be used to protect other plants. In the middle, you should plant plants that can shoot bullets. Create the perfect strategy to kill different types of zombies.

Game control: use the mouse to play this game.