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Survive in the terrible island

Vampire Survivors is the endless battle of a brave warrior with thousands of demons. You need to upgrade your fighting and defense power to survive.

You can choose your hero at the beginning. Each character has a different ability. You can choose a suitable hero as long as you have enough coins to unlock them. You are the only survivor on the monster island. The monsters want to kill you as soon as they see you. Don't worry because the hero owns the powerful ability. What you need to do is move the character and upgrade the ability.

Kill the monsters

Your mission in this game is to stay alive for a long time. To finish this task, you must ensure your hero's safe. Let's destroy the monsters that are around you. The hero automatically attacks the monsters. You just move him next to the monsters. These monsters can attack from a far distance, so you just need to keep a safe distance from them. Of course, you also ensure enough distance to attack them.

Collect useful items

The hero's HP can run out when the enemies hit him. You can recover his HP by eating some food. This food is usually hidden in the fire. Breaking the fire aims to get some items. These items can be food or coins. Sometimes, you can find mysterious chests. Let's open them to get some skill bonus.

Upgrade the hero in Vampire Survivors

Many new monsters appear when you survive for a long time. New monsters have good stamina and high damage. So, with just your initial strength, you cannot destroy them quickly. You need to add new skills and improve your damage. Collect gems dropped from monsters. They will help you increase experience points and level up your character. When leveling up your character, you will have 3 different options to upgrade. Choose an upgrade that suits the situation at that time. Blue gems will be the most common type. Some other rare gems like red and green will give you more experience points. You must destroy the strongest monsters to get these rare gems.

Complete some achievement in Vampire Survivor

To increase the game difficulty level, some achievements are added into the game. Some pro players consider these achievements as the required missions of this game. Of course, these achievements are optional. You can try to complete them while playing the game. Some achievements are quite hard such as get lightning ring to level 4, get Santa water to level 4, etc. In case you want to experience a more thrilling game, Amanda The Adventurer is always here.