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A horror story about a hungry monster

Hungry Lamu is a horror game divided into two parts. You play the role of monster and survivor in this game. With this unique gameplay, you are no longer bored.

This game is about the foraging of a strange creature shaped like a camel. However, it is a bloodthirsty creature and has a huge appetite. It will eat anything to fill its stomach, including humans. This is scary. However, the graphics at the beginning are cartoon style so it won't be too scary. However, that doesn't mean the latter part of the game is fun either. The following part is designed to resemble the dark atmosphere in Five Nights At Freddy's 2. Prepare a spirit of steel for the second part.

Play as two characters in Hungry Lamu

This game gives you two completely opposing perspectives. At first, you will control Lamu - a dangerous creature. Then you will become the last survivor before Lamu.

Control Hungry Lamu

First, Lamu will move around the forest to find food. At first, he only ate wild berries. However, 3 wild berries will not be able to satiate this creature. He decided to enter the forest and found some fruits such as bananas, apples, peaches, and oranges. These fruits are able to behave like humans. However, this did not stop Lamu from eating them. You need to find the necessary items to find the food because Lamu's food will be hiding somewhere.

Become a survivor

In this part, you play the last survivor in a group of people eaten by Lamu. This part will be designed with 3D style and you play from a first-person perspective. Your gloomy atmosphere at night will make you nervous. Lamu may suddenly appear in front of you with a creepy face.