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Experience the game Squid Game

Baby Survival Challenge allows you to transform into a participant in a survival game. You need to participate in some mini-games and get a victory.

This game will simulate the mini games in the famous movie Squid Game. You don't get two chances in this game. You need to combine many skills to pass the mini games in this game. With simple graphics, you don't need to spend much time loading this game. In addition, many mini games will not make you bored when playing this game. If you want to play more games with more intense gameplay, you can try Ice Cream. You will have to complete certain tasks in this game.

Mini-games in Baby Survival Challenge

Red Light, Green Light

In this mini game, you will see the villain is the strange baby from The Baby in Yellow. You need to run quickly to the finish line within the specified time. However, when your baby turns to look at you, stop immediately. Otherwise, you will be shot.

Dalgona Candy

You will be given a candy and a shape engraved on it. You need to remove the excess parts from this candy. Time is limited so you need to be quick. If you destroy the image engraved on the candy, you will lose the game.

Tug of War

Tug of war is the easiest part. The players are divided into two teams. Pull the rope firmly towards you. Just click the left mouse button quickly to win.

Marbles Glass

This is the part that requires your excellent memory. You need to remember sturdy glass panels. The remaining glass panels are very weak and they will break as soon as you touch them. Go through the glass levels to reach the finish line.