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Being captured in a terrible house

Granny is about the escape of a person who is caught by a creepy grandma. You turn into this victim and try to find all the keys to unlock doors.

When you wake up, you realize you are in a strange house. The old furniture with many traps shows that there aren't any survivors. You need to escape from this creepy place but a monster prevents you from running away. The monster looks like a grandma with a terrible face. She walks around the house and holds a long stick. She can attack you as soon as she finds you. Thus, let's hide from her!

How to escape from Granny

The house has many rooms and doors but there is only one exit door. You just need to go through this door, then you can run away from grandma. However, this door is locked by many locks and electronic locks. What should you do now?

Explore the Granny house carefully

The keys and useful objects can be anywhere. That's the reason why you should search all the rooms meticulously. You can find the keys in the drawers, cabinets, and other furniture. Of course, you need to interact with these objects to get the keys. For example, you can open the drawers. The bookshelf in the Study, the basement shelves, the kitchen cabinets, and the hidden safe behind the painting in the Main Room are the places that have keys more frequently than others.

Follow the clues and listen to the sound

You may hear some sounds like the collision of iron objects. That could be the key you're looking for. In addition, you also need to use clues to find the keys. These clues can be found in the form of notes, symbols, or objects. You need to be careful of some traps on the floor while looking for the key.

Be stealthy

You should remember that granny is not an ordinary grandmother. She could hear the slightest sound and immediately rushed to the location where the sound came from. Therefore, you need to stay absolutely silent while moving. However, you can also take advantage of this to attract granny. Use headphones when playing this game because they can help you hear granny's footsteps.

Some strategies to play Granny

  • She moves along a specific route. So, you can remember this and it will help you stay out of her sight. From there, you can easily move from room to room to find items.
  • You can use some weapons like crossbows or guns to disable Grandma for a certain time. Time your escape just right after she wakes up.
  • It's better to play this game with headphones. Thus, you can listen to grandma's footsteps and other sounds which are very useful for your escape. You also can enjoy another horror game called Amanda The Adventurer which is set up on a dark rooftop.