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Become a king in this game

Murder takes you to a virtual world that has a king. You need to become a king by killing the current king. Then, you need to be careful with other assassins.

This is a great game that you can play to relax. Simple gameplay along with fun graphics will bring everyone unique experiences. You will have two missions when you are in two different roles. You will be an assassin and then you will become a king. This game is extremely easy to play without having to think too much. Your fingers just need to be fast enough to become champion in this game.

How to play Murder

If you already know how to play this game, you can skip this introduction. However, you should read the rules if you are new to this game.

Assassinate the king

An assassin's mission is to assassinate the king. You need to act quickly and accurately. Of course, your mission is top secret. Don't let the king know if you don't want to be thrown in jail. Your character needs a few seconds to prepare for the assassination action. Therefore, you have to time it correctly when the king is not looking behind him. As soon as the king shows signs of coughing or his eyes move, you need to stop your actions immediately.

Protect the throne

After you are crowned king, there will be others who will try to destroy you. They also want to become kings. So, you need to pay attention to them. When their weapon is about to reach you, turn around quickly. You will catch them in the act of assassination. Then, they will be dragged into prison by the guards. Not everyone who approaches you is trying to usurp the throne. In fact, some people only offer wine. If you go back, these people will still be locked up. When the enemies are destroyed you will have different endings. This game has a more fun atmosphere than The Baby in Yellow.