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Experience the speed in this game

Geometry Dash Lite is a speed game that gives you a thrilling experience like a horror game. You need to control a geometry moving through thorny paths.

This game is not a horror game like Night Walk but it will still thrill you. Every move of the geometry will directly affect your victory. Therefore, you need to be very careful when moving. Sharp spikes and saws along the way will make the game much more difficult. The ever-increasing speed of geometry requires nimble fingers and the ability to handle situations quickly.

Complete levels in Geometry Dash Lite

This game has 15 levels and its difficulty will also vary. The last few levels are evil levels that will make it difficult for many newcomers. However, beginners can hone their skills through easy levels.

Remember the paths in the level

Having to replay a level multiple times is inevitable. This will help you get familiar with the terrain of that level. You should remember the locations of obstacles, then you can easily come up with appropriate strategies. You can also choose Practice mode to practice with the actions and paths you have to go through.

Keep geometry safe

Obstacles will always get gamers into trouble. In this game, they even appear a lot and close together. You have to really focus on the next step. Otherwise, you will have to end the game early. Sometimes, your character will change status. It can fly or transform into a robot. Depending on the character's status, you need to move it safely.

Some tips

  • You should play Practice mode to get familiar with the operations and terrain in each level. In this mode, you can continue your journey at the last checkpoint.
  • Practicing a lot will improve many of your skills. After that, you can challenge the hardest level in this game.