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About this horror action game

Happy Wheels is considered a horror game because of its terrible scenery. You need to navigate a person to reach the end of the road in this game.

Are you ready for adventures in a new world? Different from the gloomy atmosphere in the game Five Nights At Freddy's 1, this game has a white background. However, this does not mean the game has peaceful gameplay. Strong collisions will seriously injure your character. There are no monsters or creepy mysteries in this game. Some scenes where characters are injured will startle you.

Reach the destination in Happy Wheels

You can see a flag at the end of the way. You just need to move the character to this flag, then you can complete the level. Now, let's explore more about the gameplay of this action game.

Overcome many deadly traps

The road isn't smooth because there are many objects on it. They can be blocks, spikes, saws, and so on. Some of them can be safe for the character while some can kill him. Specifically, the shard objects such as saws, and spikes can hurt your character. Besides, the hard collision also can have a harmful effect on your character. Therefore, it's better to avoid dangerous obstacles and hard collisions. Thus, let's move forward, brake, and jump appropriately in every situation!

Choose the character

There are some characters with different transportation. These transportation have various sizes, so you need to choose a suitable character in some situations. For example, some levels have narrow roads that only characters with small vehicles can move through.

Multiple levels in Happy Wheels

This game has quite a few levels for you to choose from. You can play any level without unlocking them. Each level will have its own terrain. They are designed with different obstacles in mind. However, your goal in every level is to reach the finish line. Some typical levels are Obstacles Course, Gut Bus Extreme, Traptrac, BMX Park II. Can you overcome all these levels? I'm waiting for your answer.