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Become a guard in a strange pizzeria

Five Nights At Freddy's 1 is the first part of the FNAF horror game series. You are a security guard in a pizzeria who has to face dangerous animatronics.

The strange thing about a large pizzeria

To attract more customers, the pizzeria has some fun animatronics that are the favorite toys of children. On the day, the atmosphere of the pizzeria is very bustling and there are many people. However, everything changes when the night comes. The lights became dim and could not illuminate the entire pizzeria. Dark corners with glowing eyes make you feel unsafe. The animatronics also act strangely. Unlike their happy faces during the day, their expressions become gloomy at night. They can even move on their own without anyone controlling them. These strange things only happen from 12 am to 6 am.

The work of a night guard

You don't need to come to each room. You just need to sit in the guard room and check the other rooms via camera. Your mission is to ensure the safety of equipment and animatronics characters. The most important target is to survive from 12 am to 6 am. You will maintain this work for 5 nights. Can you stay alive after 5 terrible nights?

How to stay alive in Five Nights At Freddy's 1

When it gets dark, animatronics start wandering around the pizzeria. They want to attack anyone who is still alive. The game will provide you with a special way to survive. There will not be as many endings as in Amanda The Adventurer. So, you just need to try to avoid coming face-to-face with the animatronics to survive to the end.

Monitor animatronics' movements

Knowing the enemies' movements is always recommended in survival games. This game allows you to observe all the animatronics via cameras that are installed in each room of the pizzeria. You can see the map of the pizzeria while monitoring the camera. Therefore, you can define your location and where the enemies are. From that, you can have a suitable reaction when the animatronics come close to your guard room.

Prevent the animatronics from approaching your guard room

As soon as the animatronics are next to your room, you can close the door or turn on the light. There are two hallways where the enemies can approach you. Therefore, you need to determine the animatronics' direction. You should note that the power is limited. Each time you close the door or turn on the light, you will waste a little power. So, let's save the power by using the door and light at the right time. Good luck!