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Experience the horror game

The Baby in Yellow turns you into a nanny who is tasked to take care of a child. Many strange things happen in the house and the child is also uncanny.

The storyline of the game

The plot of this game isn't as complicated as in Amanda The Adventurer. You are hired to house and look after a child. When you come to the house, the child's parents don't stay at home. You have to complete the tasks as a nanny. Through finishing the missions, you can discover the dark history of the house. You have to face many supernatural occurrences. You need to stay at this house for enough nights and get a salary.

The haunted atmosphere in this game

Enter the game, you can feel the tense atmosphere in the house. This game is designed with a dark background and some strange sounds. The house is very huge but there are only you and the children in it. Therefore, you can ask any help from other people. Moreover, the child's actions also create tension for you. Although his actions are creepy, you still take care of him. Remember you are a nanny for this boy.

The work you need to complete in The Baby in Yellow

I'm sure that you may be confused at the first play. However, I'm here to give you some guides. If you are a newbie, you should follow some introduction here.

Look after the baby

Do you know the work of a nanny? You need to meet the baby's basic demands. He needs to eat and be clean. Therefore, you have to feed the baby, change his diapers, and ensure the baby's health. Of course, you also must read a story to lull the baby to sleep. You should always keep an eye on the baby to know what he needs. From that, the bad consequences won't happen. Sometimes, the baby disappears and you should find him immediately.

Explore the large house

Many secrets are hidden in this luxurious house. You can move around the house and find some objects which relevant some useful information. Of course, there is no one who can prevent you from exploring this house. However, you must remember your main mission as a nanny. You have to solve some puzzles such as collecting some items or manipulating the environment in a certain way.

Game control

  • Use WASD to move around
  • Press the E key to interact the objects
  • Hold the Shift key to run
  • Press the C key to crouch
  • Press the F key or click the right mouse button to activate the flashlight.