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Take care of a strange baby in a creepy house

Baby in Yellow 2: Babylirius is the second part of the popular horror game recently. You will work as a nanny and encounter some supernatural phenomena.

You must have known about the popular game The Baby in Yellow recently. After the success of this game, the fan made version Baby in Yellow 2: Babylirius was born. With gameplay similar to the original, it doesn't take you too much time to learn the rules. You need to follow the assigned tasks on the screen. Your actions will lead to different endings in this game. The atmosphere in the house seems gloomy and there are only you and a strange baby in this huge house.

The works of a nanny in Baby in Yellow 2: Babylirius

In this horror game, you must always take care of the child in the house. In addition, you are also very calm when encountering some supernatural phenomena because this child is not a normal baby.

Feed and change the child's diaper

When the child is hungry, you need to go to the refrigerator and take out a bottle of milk for the child. In addition, you also need to change the child's diaper every day. Some tasks related to the child will also appear on the screen and you need to do it to be able to know the next task.

Get familiar with the rooms in the house

The house you work in is quite large with many different rooms. You should determine the location of each room to save time traveling. In addition, remembering the items in the room will also help you. From there, you can easily find the furniture and room you want to find.