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Escape from endless rooms in this game

Backrooms Trials is a game of escaping from a secret room that contains a mysterious creature. You need to escape the endless rooms before being discovered.

Realistic graphics

The game is designed with yellow rooms and white rooms similar to Backrooms. Tarnished yellow walls and brand new white walls will make the game more realistic and scary. In addition, the mysterious creature in this game is also designed with an extremely scary appearance. It has no eyes, nose or mouth and very long limbs.

Move smoothly

You will play in first person so the realism of this game will increase. In addition, each move of the board will also be very smooth and fast. This also makes many players love it.

Find the keys to exit in Backrooms Trials

There is a single door to escape the backrooms but it is locked. To open this door, you need to find 3 keys that are hidden anywhere in the backrooms. You will move around the rooms to find the keys. Be careful because you are not alone in backrooms. A dangerous creature is wandering around the rooms and ready to kill you anytime. As soon as you see it, run immediately. Similar rooms can make it easy to get lost, so you need to have a good memory. A few small details will help you remember the way faster. In addition, you also need to pay attention to some notes on the wall because they can give you some clues.