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Enjoy the intense battles of a pig and monsters in this game

Bacon May Die is a shooting and fighting game that requires your agility and control skills. You are armed with many modern weapons against opponents.

Your opponents in this game are the monsters and grey wolves which always try to approach and attack you. Don't be scared because your character is more powerful than these monsters. The main character in this game is a pink pig who has many cool outfits. You will control this pig move left, right, or jump up to perform some awesome hits. You will go through different levels with various terrains. Sometimes, you even encounter a partner on the way.

Knock out any enemies closing you in Bacon May Die

You have to face thousands of enemies by yourself. Each time you beat a wolf or monster, you can earn certain coins. Your character can also be hurt by the enemy's attack if you can't avoid these attacks.

Shoot or hit

You have the short-range and long-range weapons, so you need to combine them. To beat the normal enemies, you can hit them with a sword, hammer, balloon, etc. However, some enemies with bombs and cannons should be destroyed by your long-range weapons. You need to kill all enemies before they can approach you. Your health points are shown in the left-screen corner.

Avoid being attack

You can block the bullets and hits of enemies by using close-range weapons. It's better to avoid all attacks because your HP is limited. You need to observe the opponents because they can attack you from any direction. Sometimes, there are the wolves who fly a plane and drop bombs on your character. You don't like action games like this, so you may prefer some card games like Uno Online.