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The storyline of the famous music game series

Friday Night Funkin is a famous game with a vibrant rhythm. You will listen to music and press the arrow keys to win a music competition in this game.

The main character in this game series is a Boyfriend who has a girlfriend. Everyone calls her Girlfriend who has strict parents. Her parents want to separate Boyfriend and Girlfriend, so they challenge Boyfriend in a music battle. If the Boyfriend wins, he can continue to fall in love with Girlfriend. Otherwise, he must break up with the Girlfriend when he gets the loss. This is the original version of the FNF series which contains many other parts. Many famous characters will become opponents of Boyfriend in other parts.

Beat all enemies in two modes of Friday Night Funkin

Are you wondering about the rules of this music competition? If your character icon can push the opponent icon to the end of the progress bar, you will win the battle. You need to match the moving colorful arrows with the grey arrows on the screen. The speed of the colorful arrows can be faster and faster when the song is about to end. A combination of quick fingers and sharp eyes is the best way to conquer this game.

Story mode

You need to complete a song of the battle, then you can unlock a new song. The songs of the next weeks are always difficult to follow because of their quick beat. However, you can customize the difficulty level (easy, normal, and difficult) in this mode.


All the songs of all weeks are available for you to select. This mode is suitable for practicing when you usually lose in a certain song. Moreover, playing this free-play mode many times can enhance your finger speed and get used to the gameplay. This isn't the only fun game on this site because you can enjoy card games like Uno Online.