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Join a war of the pits in this game Battle Royale is a multiplayer game that has been gaining popularity recently. The holes will move and eat everything to become bigger in this game.

Eat smaller objects

At first, your hole will be very small. It can only increase in size after eating objects along the way. However, it can only swallow objects smaller than itself. You will move around the map to find food for the hole. Be quick to absorb small objects. Small objects usually have fewer power points than large objects. So, when you have a big hole, try to swallow big objects. Size in this game is strength in battle. The bigger the hole, the stronger its power.

Beat opponents

Others also control other holes on the map. You can eat holes that are smaller than you. However, you also need to be careful with larger holes because you will become their meal. Try to size up as fast and as big as possible. Only when you become the king here, you don't need to fear other opponents.

Some tips for newbies

  • You should follow the leaderboard on the screen. It will tell you your rank and who is leading on the map. Additionally, you can compare your strength with the leader through this learboard.
  • The platform will minimize after a few minutes. Every time it is minimized, there will be a notification on the screen. You need to look at the mini map to move into a safe area.
  • You can change skins for your pits. You need to win enough times to unlock some unique skins. In addition, you can also watch some short ads to use skins. Besides this game, you can experience different skins in Geometry Dash Lite.