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Play as a imposter in this game

Imposter and 100 Doors is a puzzle horror game where you have to go through 100 doors. Each door leads to a strange room and you can encounter some monsters.

Do you remember the imposter in Among Us? Now, you can become this character in this puzzle game. Your mission is to open 100 doors to win this game. Sometimes, the doors won't be locked but you must unlock some of the doors. Moreover, you have to face many monsters and strange characters. You need to keep the imposter safe until he reaches the 100th door. This game is increasingly difficult at a later level.

How to play Imposter and 100 Doors

In this game, you have to complete two main actions which are going through the door and keeping the character safe. Many strange creatures in this game are very dangerous.

Open the door

You can easily go through some doors because there aren't any dangers behind them. However, some doors are locked and you need to solve the puzzle to unlock them. For example, you have to take a card to the door to open this door. Or on some level, you need to plug in the power outlet to open the electric door. You should move around the room to find the method to open the door.

Run or fight

Some monsters appear in some rooms and you have two choices for solving this problem. You can avoid these monsters' attacks and runaways. You also can choose to attack these monsters with some collected weapons. For some terrible ghost, it's better to hide in the wardrobe. If you want to play a game with more creepy details, you can try Amanda The Adventurer.