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Ready for a new run in this game

Jetpack Joyride is set in a secret research base that has many special equipment and coins. You break into this base and take these equipment and coins.

The main character is a man who looks like an office staff. However, he is armed with a jetpack on his back and this jetpack can help him much in the running. This game has no level, so you have to control the character until he collides with the obstacles. If you are bored in your leisure time, this game should be your best choice to entertain.

Fly and run as far as possible in Jetpack Joyride

This is an endless game, so the distance you move is very important. You and your friends can compete to see who runs further. You can follow your distance through the number on the screen.

Avoid the electronic traps

There are many electronics traps which are the electronics bars. These traps can break your character's jetpack and you'll lose this game. You can use the jetpack to fly up to avoid the traps on the ground. When you see the obstacles on the ceiling, you can release the mouse button to land. Sometimes, the rockets appear suddenly. You are warned of the rocket's appearance by the red exclamation on the screen. From these exclamations, you can know the direction of the rockets.

Collect coins

The coins appear everywhere in the base and they're not too hard to get. However, when the character's speed is up, you can collect all coins easily. These coins can be used to purchase some boosts at the beginning or continue your adventure without replay at the beginning point. Don't forget to have fun with Vampire Survivors on this site.