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Become the security guard of an amusement park in this horror game

One Night At Flumpty's brings a survival challenge to players in a dangerous environment. Mysterious creatures are lurking and ready to jump on you.

You are hired as a security guard for an amusement park at night. The salary per night is much higher than that of a night guard in other places. Is there any mystery behind this amusement park? Dark shadows lurking in the hallways and toy rooms make you feel scared. You are in the surveillance room and don't let anyone enter this room. Agility and sharp eyes will help you in this game.

How to stay alive until 6 am in One Night At Flumpty's

Surviving in a horror survival game is always a difficult task for new players. However, if you are a pro in Five Nights At Freddy's 1, it will be easier for you to conquer this game.

Always keep an eye on the cartoon character's movements

Cartoon characters that look harmless or adorable are the devils in this game. You can only see their fierce appearance when they jump into your room. So, you need to watch the camera to make sure these villains do not approach your room. If you see any villains disappearing on every camera, they are standing right at the door of your room. At this point, stop them with doors.

Difficulty increases overnight

You will have 6 nights to get through in this game. You have to unlock them one night at a time and each night there will be more villains. Additionally, in later nights, the speed of these dangerous characters also increases significantly. You must observe the camera and close the door continuously to ensure your safety.