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Explore the vast galaxy

Run 3 is about the journey of an alien character. He's trying to run on platforms in space. With just one small mistake, he will fall into huge gaps.

You will see a vast galaxy in this game. The black sky with sparkling stars will make the game more attractive. In this galaxy, there will be a special path that is created from the platforms. This road has a shape similar to a tube, but this tube has too many gaps. These gaps are deadly traps. Can you keep your character safe?

Cross paths safely in Run 3

This game does not offer many types of obstacles like in Happy Wheels. The dangers mostly come from gaps along the way. Although this game does not have a variety of obstacle types, the frequency of gaps appearing is very high. They are even located next to each other, creating difficulty for the game.

Pass over the gaps

You have two options to overcome these gaps. You can press the up arrow to jump over gaps. Besides, you can also switch to another lane to go. Sometimes the gaps are too long, switching is a great solution. A character's jump has a certain length. Therefore, you need to determine the time and length of the gaps to jump correctly.

Select the mode

This game has two modes including infinite and adventure mode. The terrain of these two modes does not change too much. However, they have their own unique features. In adventure mode, there will be many levels. You just need to run to the end of the path to pass that level. The game will save your highest level. Next time you can continue this level. However, this feature cannot be found in Infinite mode. You will participate in an endless run until your character falls through the gap in this mode. Of course, you will have to start from the beginning when you finish the run.