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Escape from a maze in this game

Scary Maze requires your clever hands because you need to control a dot in many narrow mazes. Reaching the destination without hitting the edge is your task.

Move in the maze

This game is considered a horror game but it seems like a puzzle game. The graphics are simple as in Geometry Dash Lite but this game has a more thrilling gameplay. You will control a dot in a maze which is blue. The maze has different shapes and many narrow paths. The blue zone is the safe area for you, so try your best to navigate the dot in these safe areas.

Don't touch the black area

The maze is covered by the dark which contains a terrible creature. As soon as your dot is out of the maze and lost in the dark, this creature will appear. I'm sure you will be startled when the creature suddenly appears on the screen. However, if you can go to the red area safely, nothing will happen.

Multiple levels in Scary Maze

Each level provides a different maze to players. Although these mazes have various paths, you must touch the red point at the end of the maze. The size of the paths at the beginning is quite large, so you can move the dot quickly. However, in the later levels, the paths are smaller or even some paths are as small as your dot. At that time, you need to be calm and navigate the dot slowly and carefully. Don't forget to challenge your friends and show off who you are.