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Encounter creepy creatures in this horror game

SCP-087: Horror Stairs set up in dark staircases where you will encounter a strange creature. Your mission is to go down the stairs and escape this place.

You are going down to the ground floor by stairs but suddenly the power goes out. The stairs' lights were also turned off and darkness covered the stairs. You reassure yourself that everything will be okay and you continue down the stairs. All you have is a flashlight for lighting. Are you really safe when moving on these stairs? Do you know a dangerous monster is lurking for you down the stairs?

Just go down the stairs in SCP-087: Horror Stairs

You will continuously move down the stairs and never stop. Dangerous things will be left behind.

Strange phenomena

In this game, you will face some strange phenomena such as the ball moving on its own. Sometimes, a giant spider or skull appears, making you startled and scared. However, don't worry too much because these phenomena will not hurt you.

Dark atmosphere

A dark atmosphere will make the space darker. Old statues are marked with numbers. Each floor will have a number to tell you what floor you are on. However, sometimes you end up back where you started. These things make the game more scary and not suitable for the faint of heart. Don't forget to experience Backrooms if you have free time.