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Become the strongest warrior

Skibidi Online allows you to attack Skibidi Toilets with powerful weapons. You need to move quickly and shoot accurately at enemies to destroy them.

Your opponents in this game

You may be familiar with Skibidi Toilets which are the virtual characters on social media. With their strange appearance, these characters impress many people. Many online games also take these characters as the villains. In this shooting game, Skibidi Toilets are also your enemies. They're equipped with weapons and can attack you. Let's kill them before they can hit you.

Create a new lobby and change the character

This game allows you to create a new lobby where you can invite your friends. You just need to copy the invitation and send it to your friends. Then, you can fight together against the bad Skibidi Toilets. You also can play by yourself when clicking the play button.

Destroy all enemies in Skibidi Online

The enemies attack you in waves. They are increasingly powerful in the next wave. Therefore, your mission is to break all their waves.

Move and shoot at once

The combination of moving and shooting at once is a difficult skill. Moving continuously aims to avoid the enemies' attack. While moving around the map, you need to kill the opponents who are chasing you. If you can't shoot them, they are more and more crowded. You should beat the Skidibi Toilet as quickly as possible. To complete this, you need to aim and shoot accurately.

Take advantage of objects in the lobby

In the lobby, there are some barriers such as boxes and blocks. They can be used as your shield while the enemies shoot you. Moreover, these barriers also cause some trouble for enemies when they want to approach you. You should remember that explosive barrels are great weapons. They have great damage and can destroy a large number of enemies in the area. When enemies get close to the explosive barrels, shoot them to explode them.

What makes Skibidi Online attractive

This is a shooting game that allows you to invite your friends to join. So, you will not be alone when playing this game. Show off your talented shooting abilities to your friends through this game. Additionally, this game is famous for its villain Skibidi Toilet. The thrilling shooting scenes will bring a thrill like finding the tapes in Amanda The Adventurer. However, this game will not be horror because the cartoon graphics are quite cute.