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Survive in the zombies' place

Zombie Shooter 3D takes you to a dangerous place dominated by many creepy zombies. You must grab your weapon and kill all the zombies to survive.

Zombies are always scary and dangerous creatures. They have a horrifying appearance and terrible power. They can survive even if you attack. In this game, you will be the last survivor in a strange land. Zombies have invaded this land and turned it into a land of death. You need to survive and escape from here. You can only move forward and kill all the undead around. This is a game with similar gameplay to FNAF Shooter. However, your enemies will be animatronics instead of zombies in that game.

Kill the zombies in Zombie Shooter 3D

You can track your location and the zombies through the mini-map on the screen. The red skulls are zombies while you are marked as a triangle.

Use guns and grenades

Zombies will move towards you as soon as they detect you. Now, you have to use the gun and aim towards them. Shoot zombies in the head to cause the most damage. You should not stand too far from the enemy because the gun's sights are not too long. Always pay attention behind you to make sure you don't get a surprise attack. For giant zombies with high stamina, you should use grenades to kill them. Always keep a distance from zombies. They will cause you to lose HP if they can attack you at close range.

Buy new guns

You need to pass many levels and each level has increasing difficulty. Kill enough zombies to pass 1 level. To deal with some powerful zombies, you need more powerful guns. You can buy them or watch short ads to unlock them. Please choose the appropriate weapons for yourself.