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You are the victim in this horror game

Anime Horror Escape is a horror escape game where you are caught in a building for hours on end. You must escape from here before the killer comes back.

When you open your eyes, you find yourself locked in a horror room with lingering blood stains. The doors are locked and you need to escape this spooky building as quickly as possible. You will analyze the notes you find to find the keys. You need to be very careful and move quickly because this building is not alone. A crazed murderer is roaming the halls of the building.

Escape from the Murderer in Anime Horror Escape

The villain in this game is a girl whose entire body is covered in blood. Even though she appeared to be a schoolgirl, she was possessed by a demon. She will kill you if she finds out about you. For more horror games, you must try SCP-087: Horror Stairs.

Find the key

You will see notes placed in several locations. These notes will give you some hints to help you find the location of the keys. You need to analyze these notes to find some useful clues. You need to be quick before the killer can find you.

Hide anywhere

You can be discovered by the assassin. At this point, run and find a place to hide. Anywhere can be your free space, such as under the bed or in large cabinets. When you hide and are still discovered by the murderer, run immediately. This game will challenge your patience and courage.