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About this game

Grandpa & Granny 4 is a horror game with two famous villains. You need to escape from a villain's prison and save the imprisoned children in this game.

The two villains in this game are grandpa and grandma. These two people kidnapped and locked several children in an abandoned building. Each child is placed in a separate room and you will be friends with these children. After your friends were kidnapped, you followed grandpa and grandma to find the prison where your friends were kept. Now, you need to move around this building looking for clues to free the victim. After that, you continue to find useful items to escape the building. This game reminds me of Piggy Escape from the Pig where you also need to escape.

Your mission in Grandpa & Granny 4

In this game, you will have two main tasks: saving victims and running from the abandoned building.

Rescue the victim

There will be 3 children detained in 3 cells close together. You need to open the barrel or open the cabinets to find the necessary items. Once you have the necessary items, you use them to unlock the cells. Since then, the detained children have been freed.

Escape from the building

Once the children are released, they will try to find a way out of the building. Be careful with grandma and grandpa because they can kill your character. Run as soon as you see the appearance of these two villains. It will take you some time to search for a certain object in a box or cabinet.