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Enjoy this horror game at the first view

Piggy Escape from the Pig takes you to a creepy large house where a dangerous pig appears. Your final target is to escape from the huge house.

This game is designed with realistic graphics that bring the most thrilling to you. The house in this game is scary to any player because of its gloomy atmosphere. This house is big and looks luxurious but there are some scary rooms hidden in this house. When coming to these rooms, you can see long streaks of blood. Although you are scared of these rooms, you still enter them to find a key. You only can escape from the creepy house with this key.

Find the key in Piggy Escape from the Pig

The house has only one exit door which is locked. You must go through this door to escape, so searching for the key is what you need to do. The key is hidden in a mysterious position.

Collect the clues

In this large house, there are some clues which can be written on some papers. You may find these papers in some rooms or objects. You need to look at the pictures on the papers to guess where the key is. I'm sure that you may be surprised because the house has a secret tunnel. I won't reveal where the tunnel is and you have to find it by yourself.

Be aware of Piggy

In this game, the villain is Piggy, who is a pink pig with a long stick in his hand. He can attack you if he discovers you anywhere. Therefore, avoiding meeting this monster is the best way to survive. The time passes quickly and you have to complete tasks faster because the monster can see you anytime. This isn't the only horror game on our website because you can experience Slendytubbies.