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A scary Minecraft world in this game

Herobrine Quest: Halloween is a horror survival game that requires you to collect enough spooky wooden boxes. You complete stages in turn at various locations.

Many gamers are probably familiar with the world of Minecraft where you can express your creativity through constructions. A peaceful and beautiful world in the Minecraft world will change through this horror game. The world of this game is set mainly at night when scary forces often appear. There will still be familiar backgrounds made from blocks, but the creepy atmosphere will give you a new experience. With the first-person perspective, you will feel like you are truly lost in this world. However, the first-person perspective will also put you at certain disadvantages.

How to pass a stage in Herobrine Quest: Halloween

In this game, collecting enough spooky boxes will help you pass a stage. These ghost boxes can appear in any location.

Move around the map

As mentioned, the locations of the spooky boxes are random so you have to move around the map to find them. Playing from the first angle will make it difficult to fully observe the surrounding terrain. So, always look behind you to avoid being suddenly attacked.

Beat the zombies

Zombies often wander around the map, especially in places with ghost boxes. You just need to take the ghost box or approach them, the zombies will rush out immediately. At this point, shine the flashlight towards them and click the left mouse button. At this point, they will be defeated and you continue your mission. For more horror games, let's experience Imposter 3D: Online Horror.