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Encounter the similar characters of Among Us

Imposter 3D: Online Horror gives you the most realistic experience for players with a dark atmosphere. You need to perform tasks in different roles.

Do you still remember the unique characters in Among Us? Now, you will meet these characters again in this horror game. However, some imposters have become zombies with scary appearances. This game is designed with a gloomy atmosphere in a giant spaceship. You need to move around the rooms in this spaceship to complete assigned tasks. This game offers many modes that make you feel interesting. Changing characters will make this game more interesting than ever. Another game with similar characters is Imposter and 100 Doors.

Enjoy the diversity of modes in Imposter 3D: Online Horror

This game has 2 modes with different features. They are single-player and online modes and all of them are available for you.

Single player

In this mode, you are the only character in the spaceship. You can choose to become an astronaut who needs to find mini astronauts in this game. If you are an astronaut, you have to find 8 babies to complete the missions. Otherwise, you can choose another mission which is to kill the zombie imposter with the flashlight.

Play online

This mode takes you to a platform where there are many other players. You and the other players need to complete some given mission. However, if a zombie imposter bites you, you will become a zombie. Of course, you need to catch the other players and turn them into zombies.