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Become a huge hole in this game

Hole io is a multiplayer game that contains unique gameplay and characters. In this game, you need to size up your character by consuming all objects.

The main characters of this game are the black holes which are considered monsters. They can consume anything from the living or non-living objects. Then, their size will up until the time's up. The big size is your target in this game. You must control the hole to move around a map and absorb as many objects as possible. You also need to face other opponents on the map and they are even bigger than you.

Some other information about Hole io

This game is appealing thanks to the variety of modes and diversity of skins. Now, we will learn deeply about the modes and skins in this multiplayer game.

Modes in this game

There are 5 modes in this game. Each mode brings a different task to you and you even can join a team.

  • Classic mode: Moving and consuming the objects quickly is what you need to do.
  • Be the last hole: The battles of the hole always happen in this mode. You need to beat the other hole to become the last hole on the map.
  • Team mode: There are two teams including the red or blue team. You will join one of these teams and try to absorb more objects than the opposing team.
  • Solo Run: This game offers 2 minutes for you to eat 100% of the map.
  • Monster attack: Collecting all the weapons in some seconds. Then, you use these collected weapons to fight the boss. If you lack weapons to beat monsters, you will lose.

Skins and maps for the hole

In this game, many skins are locked and they need to be unlocked by completing some missions. Can you purchase all the skins of this game? Moreover, many new maps are updated through the weeks. You can experience and enjoy many sceneries from different regions in the world. You may like some games with fun graphics such as Bacon May Die.