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Enjoy role-playing games

Slendytubbies is a role-playing game where you complete missions in the first view. You need to move cleverly to avoid enemies and collect all the water bowls.

You wake up and see a strange place. You need to collect all the bowls to escape from this creepy place. The place is covered by the dark because it's midnight. A creepy creature is walking around and searching for you. That creature will hurt you if it can find you. You don't have any weapons or support items, so you need to avoid facing this creature.

Select a suitable mode in Slendytubbies

This game offers two modes which are based on the difficulty level. They are hard and easy modes that are available without unlocking.

Easy mode

In the easy mode, the atmosphere isn't too dark and you can see all things. You can avoid dangerous creatures by climbing on hills or mountains which are safe places. You even can observe the creature from a high position. After you locate the enemy's position, you can plan a strategy to take the bowl on the ground.

Difficult mode

In this game, you hold a flashlight and your vision is limited. You only can see the position which is lit up by a flashlight. Therefore, the strange creature can appear from any direction which can make you startle. You must run immediately away as soon as you see this creature. The dark and creepy atmosphere makes this mode more scary. Besides this game, you may like to find the escape way from Scary Maze.