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Fight against toilet monsters in this game

Skibidi Toilets: Infection is an uprising of toilet monsters and you will be the one to stop their invasion. Be careful with malfunctioning camera men!

Coming to this game, you will meet the villain Skibidi Toilets again in the shooting game Skibidi Online. In this game, the villains look more scary and angry. Their numbers also become crowded but you will also have support. Your enemies can attack you from all sides like behind. Make sure you are standing in the right positions in battle.

The difficulties you face in Skibidi Toilets: Infection

You will become a human camera whose head is a camera. The world in this game seems dark and scary due to the invasion of Skibidi Toilets. The game presents difficulties for you to overcome them and show your abilities and agility.

Many enemies

The game is divided into many levels and the number of enemies will increase through the levels. Toilet monsters will appear in many locations and they always try to approach you. When you're not paying attention, they can hit you from behind. Look at your healthy points which are shown on the blood bar on the screen. If your blood bar runs out, the game will be over immediately.

Camera men malfunctioned

Fighting many enemies alone is very difficult, so there will be other camera men to help. However, sometimes the heads of these camera men will be broken and they will attack you again. At this point, you will use the stun gun to help their head work again. You have to watch out for skibidi toilets and keep an eye out for camera men in this battle. After you have a clear understanding of the difficulties you face, I hope you will have the perfect strategies to tackle them.