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Play the slide in a gloomy atmosphere

Slide In The Woods has extremely attractive gameplay and storyline. You are led to a horror place through a slide and you need to escape from here.

Strange slide

Perhaps you will often see slides in parks or schools. However, there is a strange slide in a deserted forest. There are no houses or people around this forest. You are the main character in this game and you are sliding on this slide. The sky has started to get dark but you still want to play the slide when scary things happen.

Scary plot

Several children and adults have gone missing but no one knows where they are. While you were sliding down the slide, suddenly a pair of long arms pulled a person being dragged into the slide. When you slide down, the slide suddenly becomes very long. Finally, you are taken to a place full of fog. There is a gloomy tower with mysterious creatures and you must escape before you are killed.

How to escape from strange creatures in Slide In The Woods

As soon as you are taken to the strange location, go inside the ancient tower. Next, go to the location of the chains and remove them. At this point, a small circular door will slowly open. Enter this door and slide to your original world. Be careful of the square door and the strange creature that wants to attack you. This creature even wants to attack you and it is chasing right behind you. There's no time to look back so move fast forward. Hope you can complete this game. You also can enjoy other horror games such as Imposter 3D: Online Horror.