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Fill cups with sugar in this game

Sugar, Sugar 3 is a puzzle game where you fill cups with sugar. Leading the sugar into the cup isn't easy because of the distance between sugar and cups.

Draw some lines

You can pour the sugar into the cup by the lines. In this game, you are allowed to draw any line and an unlimited quantity of lines. You should think carefully before drawing because some lines can prevent you from winning. To complete a level, you just need to fill each cup with 100 grains of sugar. The color of sugar has to match with the color of the cups.

Use the teleportal in this game

In this game, you can use the teleportal to transport the sugar from a far position into the cup. Two teleportals can connect, so you need to take advantage of this. Some other portals can change the color of the line to match the color of the cup. Moreover, you also need to change the gravity at some levels to move the sugar to the cups.

Use the strategies and be patient in Sugar, Sugar 3

This entertaining game has quite interesting and intellectually challenging gameplay. You need to solve puzzles on how to get sugar into the cup. Some cups are so dangerous that you can't put too much sugar in them. In addition, the number of roads provided at some levels is very small. For example, you only have 4 grains of sugar to put into four cups with a capacity of 1. Patience and ingenuity will help you win the levels in this game.

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